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IH Activities and Capabilities

Wow what a professional young lady your employee is. Excellent representative of Healthy Buildings.
She could not have been any nicer and took the samples necessary for a quick turnaround. Thanks again for 1st in Class Service.

Senior Vice President, property management company, Orange County, CA

Healthy Buildings offers a wide array of industrial hygiene services, including site inspections, exposure assessments, and document review.

We have extensive experience in conducting exposure sampling for a wide variety of constituents including: lead, asbestos, metals, oil mist, organic vapors, fibers, nuisance dusts and regulated particulates, waste anesthetic gases, sterilizing compounds, and etc. Healthy Buildings conducts surface sampling and particle analysis for irritants such as the common allergens associated with cats, dogs, rodents, dust mites, and insects.

Healthy Buildings offers Safety Data Sheet (SDS) review (formerly MSDS) and assistance in responding to OSHA complaints and inquiries. We offer consultation services and recommendations of preventative measures to implement when using odiferous maintenance compounds, such as roofing and resurfacing products.