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Healthy Buildings Core Purpose

Healthy Buildings’ core purpose is to make buildings and the organizations that operate them more valuable. We do this by: lowering operating costs, increasing NOI,
lowering risks, and by making buildings more marketable.

Healthy Buildings has always put its customers’ needs first. It is a promise that we take very seriously and are committed to upholding. We are pleased to announce that Healthy Buildings has been acquired by UL, the premier global independent safety company dedicated to creating safer environments for people. For more than a century, UL has conscientiously advanced safety science, instilling unmatched trust in the global marketplace and some of the most recognized environmental certification programs in the industry. With this acquisition, the integration of UL and Healthy Buildings’ services will enable us to serve you more efficiently and enhance our sustainability and environmental programs and services.

As part of UL’s global enterprise, we are confident that this new partnership will give you and other members of your organization a range of enhanced services. We invite you to visit the UL web site at www.ul.com and to read the press release to learn more about the acquisition. All existing contracts, agreements and teams will remain in place throughout the acquisition, and we will continue to provide you with the excellent service you have come to expect. Should you have any questions or interest in our expanded service offering, please contact us.

Recent Works

Park Place - Proactive Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

This monitoring program includes frequent HVAC inspections, air quality testing, laboratory analysis of spore traps, and…

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The South Coast Plaza – Office Division - LEED Platinum

The South Coast Plaza – Office Division earned the first two LEED Platinum (EB:O&M) certifications in Orange County at their Park and Plaza buildings.

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Veterans Administration – Proactive Indoor Air Quality

Through our GSA Federal Supply Service Contract, Healthy Buildings has served over 7.2 million square feet of Veterans Administration…

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GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contracts

With over 28 years of experience of studying Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Healthy Buildings GSA Federal Supply Schedule contract, GS-10F-0125K, provides indoor air quality testing and diagnostics.


Many thanks to Healthy Buildings for being so easy to work with on such a complicated project! We really appreciate your flexibility and responsiveness to all of the unforeseen elements that this project seems to wantonly attract.

Senior Project Manager, San Francisco, CA

Just wanted to let you know that your office just helped us out with a last minute need…and we wanted to express our sincere gratitude. Your staff dropped what they were doing and came here to perform a Legionella test of our cooling tower before our work started this weekend. We are so fortunate to have such a great partnership with Healthy Buildings, who is responsive to our needs

Manager, Facilities Operations, Northern Virginia

Healthy Buildings has the team and experience to develop effective and efficient hotel sustainability programs. Their commitment to business-oriented sustainability decisions makes them a player you most definitely want to have on your team. They will work with you to meet your bottom line goals while greening your operations and maintenance practices; ultimately reducing your operating costs, generating marketing opportunities, and strengthening your business model by integrating sustainability into all aspects of your hotel.

Sustainability Manager, major hotel in New York

I had the opportunity to utilize Healthy Buildings as my LEED Consultant on the Porterville Developmental Center New Main Kitchen Project in Porterville, CA. The project has attempted LEED (v2.2) Gold status. I cannot say enough about the Healthy Buildings team and their professional work ethic, deep knowledge of LEED and sustainability and their willingness to go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.

Project Engineer, Seals/Biehle, Inc.

It was a pleasure spending the last two days with you, meeting your clients and learning about these great buildings. I completely enjoyed your expertise and your enthusiasm, as well as watching you interact with your clients. They clearly respect you and enjoy their relationship with you.

Owner, sustainability consulting firm, San Diego

I want to take a few minutes to let you know how impressed I was with the professionalism of your technician. If he hadn’t introduced himself we would not have known he was on the property. This was my first experience with Healthy Buildings and was very pleased with how comprehensive and informative your report was. Having been at the building since August of 2011 the building was a complete stranger to me and knew that I had an uphill battle in learning the building. Your report provided me with a wealth of information on what kind of shape my mechanical equipment was in and how well it has been maintained as well as identifying the problem areas. A job very well done. Your staff did you and themselves proud.

Chief Engineer, major commercial building in Phoenix

Wow, what a professional young lady your employee is. Excellent representative of Healthy Buildings.She could not have been any nicer and took the samples necessary for a quick turnaround. Thanks again for 1st in Class Service.

Senior Vice President, property management company, Orange County, CA

I have been meaning to send you a note regarding your employee since he left our facility in January, and today’s receipt of a report copy made me realize that I’ve put it off for too long. I’ve spent significant time with other ‘techs’ from air-quality testing firms over the years, and I must say that your employee (‘tech’ almost seems like an insult) is the most knowledgeable, insightful, encyclopedic, and good-natured person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. He’s also got a fantastic work ethic. Shame on me for not writing sooner (poor work ethic?…), but I wanted to let you know that he represents your company extremely well. I almost feel like I should get ‘continuing education’ credits based on our conversations. I was beyond impressed. You’ve got a good man working for you.

Building Engineer, major commercial building in Chicago

Your staff and report were fantastic.

Industrial Hygienist, major hospital in San Diego

It was great working with your employee this year. She did a great job working in our building she was very professional with our tenants in regards to respecting their space and gets along well with our crew members. I hope she is willing to return next year.

Chief Engineer, major commercial building in Sacramento

Just wanted to express my sincere thanks for your time and assistance in attending the meeting. We met with a certified Industrial Hygienist and the Director of Environmental, Health and Safety. At the meeting, your staff distributed copies of the actual sampling data findings and explained each test and the results. The director asked a few questions and at the end of the meeting he seemed satisfied with the results and expressed his gratitude and stated that he felt that HBI had done a thorough job.

Property Manager, Commercial Real Estate, Virginia

I am completely amazed at how professional and complete our report is. I appreciate doing business with your company and look forward to using your services again on a yearly basis. Please keep me informed when it is coming close to the inspection period, thanks…

Operator of a major casino, hotel in Las Vegas, NV

I’ve spent significant time with other ‘techs’ from air-quality testing firms over the years, and I must say that your tech (‘tech’ almost seems like an insult) is the most knowledgeable, insightful, encyclopedic, and good-natured person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. He’s also got a fantastic work ethic. I wanted to let you know that he represents your company extremely well. I almost feel like I should get ‘continuing education’ credits based on our conversations. I was beyond impressed. You’ve got a good man working for you.

Manager, Commercial Real Estate Buildings, Chicago, Illinois

Thanks for your help on this project – as always, a thorough, professional job.

Deputy Chief for Risk Management, Established Art Gallery, Washington DC

We continue to view Healthy Buildings as a crucial business partner.

Major consumer product manufacturer, El Segundo, CA

Thank you Bruce, you guys never cease to amaze me how well you do things. I wish other companies worked like you do…

Assistant Property Manager, Major Program Management Contractor, Washington, DC
Chris, you and your team have done a great job on this. You guys are awesome and I wanted to drop a quick note and in particular thank Sam and Brian for doing these tests during the Holidays and all the challenges associated with it (i.e. labs ,logistics…).
Senior Project Manager, Major National Museum, Washington, DC
I wanted each of you to know that you’ve been a very bright spot in quite a confusing, money draining and multi-trade inducing, dark project. The talk around the site is that you are the ONLY contractor that has come in on or under budget, and performed in the amount of time proposed or sooner. This is amazing in itself, and puts a great gold star in the corner of our ability to get the right people on the job! A tremendous kudos to you and a huge thank you for making us look so good with our Client.
Senior Geologist, Environmental Consulting Firm, Anaheim, CA

Everyone we have worked with at Healthy Buildings has been professional, courteous, and stellar on open communication. Thanks again Katie!

Property Manager, Real Estate Investment Organization, San Diego CA

Marissa – thank you so much for all you have done to assist during this incident and for your very pro-active approach in keeping us informed and preparing for contingencies. We truly appreciate the great customer support and service you have provided.

VP Ethics and Compliance, Warrenton, VA