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LEED Energy Audits

Every LEED EB: O+M project requires an ASHRAE Level I energy audit (EAp1).  Healthy Buildings’ engineers review utility data, perform a site walk-through, conduct interviews with building personnel, identify energy conservation measures (ECMs), assist in developing building system documentation, and calculate predicted savings if efficiency goals are met.  The focus of a Level I energy audit is low/no-cost ECMs; this study forms the foundation of a more detailed ASHRAE Level II audit (EAc2.1, Option B) which focuses on ECMs which require capital investment.  Though these ECMs may require more upfront investment, the potential savings are typically more significant.  Our engineering team will assist owners in implementing the low/no-cost measures which is required to earn EAc2.2 – Implementation. For more details regarding our methodology, see the Energy Audits – Level I, II, and III.