Energy Audits – Level I, II & III 2017-08-08T18:35:53+00:00

The goal of Healthy Buildings’ energy audits is to identify efficiency measures that will positively impact a building’s operating expenses. Healthy Buildings tailors each audit to the specific needs of our client.  The audits can be designed to meet the requirements of certification programs, such as LEED, or 3rd party-administered utility rebate programs.  A simple Level I audit can be used to determine if a more inclusive Level II audit or an investment grade Level III analysis is warranted.

Energy use analyses are performed to identify the most economical utility rate structure. Our engineers study and evaluate your building’s systems and recommend solutions allowing installed systems to function better while achieving the owner’s criteria of optimum energy and resource efficiency. Our approach is to improve your competitive position by focusing on operations, maintenance effectiveness, and building efficiency.

Every Healthy Buildings energy audit includes a “walk-through” which evaluates the building’s performance, giving us a view of how the building operates in real time. We identify areas by strength, weakness, and baseline. We begin the evaluation by working with your facilities department. Our experience with building systems allows us to quickly identify opportunities. Key areas of concern may be “data logged” to capture actual energy usage with accompanying day files detailing potential areas for improvement. Once this process is complete, we author an Audit Report with our findings, baselines, energy conservation measures (ECMs) or ways to improve, non-biased costs, and the financial model showing return on investment and payback information. Once ECMs are implemented, we will Post-Monitor to ensure efficiency and provide a final report to compare the initial Audit Report against the Post-Monitoring Report for verification of energy and/or resource efficiency. This process may include opportunities involving electricity, natural gas, steam, water, geothermal or on-site generation.

Healthy Buildings believes in a measured approach that ties return on investment (ROI) to the project scope. Many times we have substantiated the worth of a project by function but more often by the ROI. Our experience proves this measured method takes all the guess-work out of the process.