Watt Plaza Achieves LEED Platinum Certification

Watt Plaza Achieves LEED Platinum Certification

Watt Plaza raised the bar in commercial real estate this year with their achievement of LEED Platinum Certification for Existing Buildings Operations & Maintenance. This recertification project is a case study for how commitment to sustainability and ongoing improvements to building operations pays off and has a huge impact on the way we run and operate our buildings.

Watt Plaza’s commitment to sustainable leadership is demonstrated in the pursuit of the project’s LEED Platinum recertification over the past five years since it was initially awarded LEED Gold.  From the integration of sustainable maintenance equipment to the selection of ground cover to limit pests and reducing the need for pesticide uses, Watt Plaza considered all avenues as it related to a sustainable site.

“It’s an honor for Watt Plaza to receive the distinction as the first commercial office building in Century City to receive LEED Platinum certification,” said Nadine Watt, President of Watt Companies. “Watt Plaza serves as a leading example of how commercial developments in large cities can be environmentally sustainable while also providing a top quality experience to tenants.”

Watt Plaza’s dedication to creating a sustainable working environment for its occupants extend beyond the building itself.  By implementing numerous sustainable measures and hosting an annual Earth Day celebration in the property’s courtyard, it not only raises awareness to occupants and visitors of the building but it also increases the expectations other occupants may have of their own buildings. Watt Plaza pushes the community to make sustainability practice a baseline.

Project Highlights:

LEED Platinum

  • Reduction of over 35% in conventional transportation trips through alternative communing transportation program.
  • Replacement of all traditional urinals with water-free fixtures, low flow faucets, and water efficient toilets resulting in millions of gallons saved annually.
  • Sustainable landscaping composed of drought-tolerant plants, recycled ground cover, web-based irrigation and a web-based controller to adjust the water depending on local weather.
  • Achieving an ENERGY STAR score of 95, performing in the top 5%  for similar buildings nationwide.
  • Offsetting 100% of its annual energy consumption emissions through the acquisition of renewable energy credits.

Healthy Buildings is delighted to have been a part of this landmark LEED project. Aside from general consulting, we were privileged to perform credit services such as IEQ Prerequisite 1 (Outdoor Air Introduction & Exhaust Systems), IEQc2.3 (Thermal Comfort Monitoring), and IQEc1.1 (IAQ Proactive Management Program). This project is certainly a highlight of the year and we are very thankful to the Watt Companies project team for their commitment to sustainability excellence.

More information about this project can be found HERE.

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