Visit us at the 2019 BOMA International Conference and Expo


A look at what to expect and why Healthy Buildings is excited to participate

It’s that time of year when we’re ramping up for our booth (booth #1227) at the BOMA International Conference, hosted this year in Salt Lake City. As I started to reflect on the many years we’ve been a part of BOMA and the conference, I came to this conclusion…

The more you participate and contribute to the organization, the more you get back.

We’ve been involved in BOMA one way or another since I joined the company in the 1980s. I’ve been engaged as a volunteer, sponsor, exhibitor, and committee member. Through that time, I realized that BOMA not only connects our company with the community but also allows us to share and exchange information and knowledge. We learn from members about their experiences, trials, and successes as owners and managers. We also gain valuable insight into market trends, while sharing our technical knowledge. The sheer power of these insight makes the time and money investments in BOMA worthwhile. But that’s just one benefit…

The reason we focus on BOMA is to decipher a bigger and broader understanding.

While we know our own business, we focus on BOMA to get a holistic understanding of the value we deliver to building owners and managers. It’s easy to get into the weeds about air quality testing, energy analytics or sustainability standards but if we can’t listen to our clients and tie our services to what they really need in their day-to-day operations, then we are not successful.

Therefore, during the BOMA conference (and in all of my relationships) I like to focus on a two-sided conversation. “What’s going on with your role in managing assets today? What are your pain points? What are your industry trends to follow?” We need to listen and be present. Although booth colors, giveaways, and layouts vary year over year, the value Healthy Buildings provides to members at the conference is the same: we are a resource for BOMA show attendees.

So come see us! Use us as a resource! And come get some fun prizes while you’re at it! We’ll be at Booth #1227, just outside of the Green Pavilion where we are continuing our fun ‘wheel of fortune’ style activity. Spin the wheel to test your knowledge about indoor environmental quality, energy, and sustainability. We have some fun giveaways for participating, and reusable prizes for those who win! Need a conversation starter? Ask us about the uptake of health and wellness in buildings and the growing amount of evidence-based research on the topic.

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