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Health & Safety

Site Assessments & Audits

Topics include: due diligence process, regulatory issues, assessment phases, assessment components & procedures, benefits, consultant selection criteria, etc.

OSHA Compliance

Topics include: OSHA regulations, employer responsibilities, facility inspections, inspection steps, safety & health standards, confined spaces, air contaminants, respiratory protection, safety & health program components, etc.

Hazard Communication & MSDS

Topics include: personnel responsibilities, key terminology, types of physical hazards, identifying, managing, and classifying hazardous materials. Components of a written hazard communication program, labeling, the anatomy of an MSDS, employee training requirements and OSHA regulations regarding recordkeeping, etc.

Emergency Response

Topics include: definitions, regulatory requirements, categories of hazardous incidents, emergency action & fire prevention plan requirements, training needs, available technology & services, etc.

Ergonomics in the Workplace

Topics include: definitions and goals, terminology, regulatory/legal issues, workstations, lighting, noise, proper workstation design, preventative actions, renovation issues, ergonomics program development, etc

Lock Out Tag Out

Topics include: definitions and OSHA regulatory requirements, hazardous energy sources in the workplace, roles and responsibilities of personnel, strategies and materials for lock out procedures.

Electrical Safety

Topics include: Terminology and basics of electricity, hazards and preventative measures.

Personal Protective Equipment

Topics include: Understanding the principles of PPE and the importance of engineering controls, a review of OSHA regulations, roles and responsibilities, types of PPE

Welding, Cutting, Brazing/Arc Flash

Topics include: identify the major health and safety hazards in welding, a review of OSHA regulations, selecting appropriate PPE, implementing controls to prevent and control fires.

Confined Space Entry

Topics include: The scope of the OSHA regulation, terms and definitions, defining the roles of personnel in confined space entry, recognizing the hazards of confined space, methods of controlling hazards