LEED O+M: IEQp1 – Minimum IAQ Performance (Ventilation Testing) 2013-06-06T20:37:11+00:00

LEED O+M: IEQp1 – Minimum IAQ Performance (Ventilation Testing)

Healthy Buildings utilizes the ASHRAE ventilation calculator to determine the minimum required

Outside Air per ASHRAE 62.1 – 2007, for each air handing unit providing ventilation in a building.  Following identification of critical ventilation zones and completion of the ASHRAE calculators, our IEQ Project Manager will measure the outside air at each air handling unit to ensure compliance.  Our Team ensures proper operation of building exhaust systems, including: restroom, kitchen (if applicable) and parking.

Healthy Buildings has successfully met this highly technical LEED prerequisite in over 10 million square feet of certified space.  Allow our experience to guide you through this most heavily scrutinized technical service within the LEED O+M rating system!