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Healthy Buildings assists clients in documenting existing sustainable practices. Our annual corporate sustainability reports are used to track progress towards environmental goals or requirements and market sustainable achievements. Through this process we also identify opportunities to enhance resource efficiency, increase employee productivity, ensure corporate responsibility, and increase value generation.

Healthy Buildings’ corporate sustainability reporting focuses on metrics and key performance indicators. We work with various carbon footprint and greenhouse gas inventories and tailor the approach to industry specifics. Our reports capture energy, waste, and water, as well as organizationally-based metrics like volunteer time or philanthropic programs.  We set a consumption baseline and analyze year-over-year changes to tell a story. Reports include a wide range of graphics and images and are supported by text which shares the progression of events including top-down and bottom-up initiatives that result in environmental footprint reduction and savings, as well as commitments to future projects.

 Reports include but are not limited to the following:

  • Goal setting – identification of target carbon reductions
  • Year-over-year metrics
  • Graphics, charts, tables, and other illustrations