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Healthy Buildings helps building owners and managers stand out as industry leaders by achieving the BOMA 360 Performance Program designation. The program allows for real estate professionals to demonstrate to owners, tenants and prospective tenants that their buildings are managed to the highest standards of excellence.

Phase 1: Feasibility Assessment

Healthy Buildings gathers building information through a feasibility survey to determine the viability of building certification. This information is compiled into an assessment report containing a preliminary scorecard, probability for credit achievement, and certification cost estimates.

Phase 2: Documentation Preparation

Healthy Buildings assists the buildingā€™s BOMA 360 team with acquiring the correct documentation and verifying that all requirements are met. Healthy Buildings streamlines the process by assisting facilities with generating the necessary policies and plans required to implement best management practices and acquire certification, as well as by providing technical services such as energy auditing, retro-commissioning, and indoor air quality services that may be necessary for designation.

Phase 3: Achievement

Healthy Buildings manages the entire BOMA 360 process by preparing and uploading all required documentation through the BOMA 360 website.