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LEED Retro-commissioning

During a LEED EB: O+M Level I energy audit, Healthy Buildings may determine that Retro-commissioning would benefit an owner by identifying and correcting operational and controls-related issues, reducing energy consumption, extending the life of the equipment, and thus lowering operating expenses.  A total of six LEED credits are earned when the process is completed:  EAc2.1 – Commissioning, Investigation; EAc2.2 – Commissioning, Implementation; and EAc2.3 – Commissioning, Ongoing.  During the Investigation phase, sensor calibration and functional performance tests are completed.  Healthy Buildings works directly with the building staff and controls vendor to Implement the low/no-cost measures.  This hands-on support is imperative to a successful project.  In order to help the owner sustain energy savings over time, Healthy Buildings delivers an Ongoing Retro-commissioning Plan and provides training to the building personnel such that they can run the functional tests and the process continues.  For more details regarding our methodology, see the Retro-Commissioning (RCx) or Existing Building Commissioning pages.