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Prudential Building

Cushman and Wakefield ensures that the Prudential building portfolio, encompassing over a dozen locations and three million square feet in the United States, is maintained to the highest environmental standards. The firm Healthy Buildings, a participant in the BuyMax Program, provides an ongoing proactive indoor air quality management program in the Prudential buildings.   This Program provides valuable third party testing and documentation of the indoor air quality for the Prudential portfolio management team.

The proactive monitoring program consists of a detailed investigation of the design, maintenance, and operating practices of a building’s air handling and distribution system, as well as regular monitoring of ventilation rates, building airflows and filtration efficiencies. This information is integrated with data collected from comprehensive air sampling and analysis. An indoor air quality database is established for each building allowing for an evaluation of changes in the indoor air quality over time. The key to the Cushman and Wakefield proactive program is that the results of implemented changes can be quantified.

The result of the Program is the creation of a more comfortable and productive work environment and less time is devoted to investigating and solving building environmental issues.  In addition, the program enhances the relationship between building management and building occupants by demonstrating a genuine concern for the employees’ well being.


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