Palomar Health

Palomar Health

Palomar Medical Center
Escondido, CA

Project Summary

Heralded as the best example of 21st century health-care design, the new Palomar Medical Center melds high technology and innovation within a healing environment of gardens, terraces, outdoor balconies and natural light.

Palomar Health sought advice from the nation’s leading health-care futurists to coalesce their ideas into a structure that has become the first in the nation to integrate the largest array of evidence-based features that will enhance healing and sustain functionality over time.

Healthy Buildings’ Role

During the construction program the project General Contractor, DPR, retained Healthy Buildings to implement a Water Intrusion Prevention Plan (WIPP). OSHPD requirements dictate the methods and timelines for this monitoring.  Healthy Buildings provided regular detailed inspections of the building drywall systems along with site inspections after rain events.

Program Highlights

The regular monitoring program, which also covered all the SMACNA IAQ requirements included:

  • Perform a comprehensive review of the project specification to determine risk areas and systems.
  • Develop a plan and matrix that identifies procedures, inspections, and testing for the work associated with the planned construction.
  • Perform monthly site visits (both scheduled and unannounced).

In the event of water intrusion (roof leak, broken water pipe, etc), site visits were performed within 24 hours of the incursion.

At the conclusion of the project Healthy Buildings prepared a Final Report which:

  • Formally described the Project, summarized the key observations and certified that the project complies with the disciplines of indoor air quality (IAQ) and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) as they apply to microbial contamination and dust/debris particulates.


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