New Waterscreen® Drinking Water Testing Service From Healthy Buildings

We are pleased to announce Healthy Buildings will be replacing the WaterCheck® drinking water sampling and analysis option that we offer during our regular inspections of our client buildings with our new WaterScreen® service. WaterScreen® is Healthy Buildings’ proprietary water quality test designed to provide a comprehensive and economical analysis of drinking water in a building in order to confirm its acceptability as a healthy potable source. All samples analyzed by Healthy Buildings’ in-house laboratory utilize only established, gold standard methodologies including microbial techniques, atomic absorption spectroscopy, and discrete wet chemistry methods.

Since Healthy Buildings
field personnel are in the building, testing the indoor air, the labor costs of this water sampling can be waived. As a result this valuable screening program is extremely economical.

Your WaterScreen® samples will be analyzed and compared with the relevant EPA Maximum Contaminant Level for drinking water. While WaterCheck® will still be available on request, WaterScreen® will bring several benefits to our clients including:

  • Better risk management and reduced liability
  • Healthier and safer work environments
  • Enhanced employee/tenant relations
  • Third-party certification of building’s status
  • Proof of due diligence for liability protection
  • Marketing advantages for tenant retention

The following analytes are covered by WaterScreen®:

New Waterscreen Drinking Water Testing Service

Results will be presented in a clear easy to read format along a helpful interpretation of the findings.

The services can be provided as valuable addition to the Healthy Buildings proactive indoor air quality program with no extra labor charges since we are already in the building, or along with your compliance program for ASHRAE Standard 188, Prevention of Legionellosis Associated with Building Water Systems. Alternatively, Healthy Buildings offers WaterScreen® as a standalone drinking water monitoring service.

Please contact us if you have any questions about WaterScreen®

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