New Product Announcement – WaterScreen-DIY


Do-it-Yourself Water Testing for Commercial Real Estate Customers

Though it started with the lead in water catastrophe in Flint, Michigan, one can hardly pick up a newspaper today without reading about a drinking water quality crisis somewhere in the United States. There are many factors responsible for the degradation of our nation’s public water supply, some of the more common ones include: dumping of industrial pollution, contaminants from agricultural activities, rainwater runoff due to impervious surfaces, flushing of domestic items such as expired pharmaceuticals and personal care products, and aging civil infrastructure. But it’s not only high pollutant levels in our drinking water that is causing distress, it’s also a lack of testing and reporting meaning folks cannot be sure if their drinking water is contaminated or not. As a result there is increasing concern among the occupants of commercial buildings, be they employees or tenants, about the safety of the water supply in the workplace.

To assist its clients in the commercial real estate industry, Healthy Buildings has developed WaterScreen-DIY. WaterScreen-DIY is a practical and affordable way for commercial building owners and managers to self-test their properties’ drinking water quality. WaterScreen-DIY water testing kits include detailed sampling instructions, all needed sampling equipment, as well as all return-shipping materials required. The water samples are then sent to our state-of-the-art laboratory in Fairfax, Virginia for analyses utilizing only established, gold standard methodologies including microbial techniques, atomic absorption spectroscopy, inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry, and discrete wet chemistry methods. A customized, comprehensive report including all results and comparison to relevant EPA Maximum Contaminant Levels is prepared. The analytes covered by WaterScreen-DIY are those that would be of key concern within a commercial buildings indoor environment.



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