Licensed Asbestos Testing and Inspection Required For All Renovation or Demolition Projects in Texas

Licensed Asbestos Testing

How much do you know about Asbestos testing requirements in Texas?

Although there is a common perception that buildings constructed after 1980 do not contain asbestos, inspections are in fact required prior to any building renovation or demolition irrespective of the building age.   We are finding that regulatory agencies are enforcing this rule now more than ever –  we are even finding that demo permits are being held up for lack of asbestos bulk surveys in buildings of any age.  Failing to meet these requirements often results in fines and other penalties. The Texas Department of State Health Services governs compliance with Texas Senate Bill 509, requiring owners or operators to conduct a survey for Asbestos-Containing Material (ACM) prior to any demolition/renovation activities in order to obtain a permit from the City.

Healthy Buildings asbestos related services include any of the following:

Facility Surveys

Healthy Buildings asbestos bulk surveys consist of a site visit to inspect building materials likely to be disturbed during renovation or demolition.  Suspect materials are sampled and sent to a local accredited lab for analysis.  A report is generated listing areas inspected with mapped locations of building materials sampled and analytical results along with details photographs.  In the case of asbestos containing material being found, the report will be used as a road map by remediation contractors who will ensure the renovation or demolition may be safely completed.  To protect the owner, asbestos monitoring oversight is frequently featured.

Project Specifications

Project specifications written by a TDSHS-licensed Asbestos Consultant are required by the State of Texas. Healthy Buildings project specifications enable abatement contractors to provide cost information and bids.

Specifications include a description of the scope of work to be performed and a detailed description of the scope of the methods and practices to be followed. Specifications also include federal, state, and local regulations regarding asbestos and specify monitoring services to be performed prior to, during and following asbestos abatement activities.

Asbestos Abatement Oversight

Healthy Buildings acts as the Owner’s representative by providing project oversight and quality control throughout the abatement process. A Healthy Buildings TDSHS-licensed Asbestos Consultant monitors the abatement activities to insure that all work is performed in accordance with project specifications and applicable guidelines and regulations. A daily log is maintained which provides primary documentation of the abatement contractor’s activities, as well as any other events important to the project. Area air samples are collected continuously during abatement activities and as a final clearance measure to ensure that the area is safe for re-occupancy. When the asbestos abatement has been completed, a final abatement closeout report is issued, including all required document submittals concerning the abatement and sample analysis results.

Healthy Buildings’ Central office in Dallas, TX is licensed to conduct asbestos surveys, abatement oversight and clearance. Additionally, our team can assistance with any of your other hazardous material and industrial hygiene related needs.

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