Healthy Buildings Recognized as a New Jersey Sustainable Business – 2017

Healthy Buildings Recognized as a New Jersey Sustainable Business

Healthy Buildings is Recognized as a New Jersey Sustainable Business again in 2017

Small businesses across New Jersey are starting to save money, share their successes and inspire other businesses by implementing sustainable business best practices. Joining this list of small businesses, Healthy Buildings located in South Orange, New Jersey, became one of the first businesses in the state to be recognized as a New Jersey Sustainable Business.

In August of 2014, the New Jersey Small Business Development Centers (NJSBDC) launched the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry.  The registry is an Internet site where businesses that have implemented sustainable business practices can register their achievements and be recognized.

Healthy Buildings’ professional services are aimed at assisting commercial offices to increase their sustainability practices. The company’s core service offerings are in indoor air quality, water and energy efficiency, and sustainability certifications. Healthy Buildings practices what they preach in their own office. The following sustainability practices were recognized by NJSBR:

  • Installing energy efficient equipment and lighting in their office, including installing LED lighting and submetering their office space to better understand electricity consumption patterns
  • Recycling in their office
  • Operating a “Green Team” to implement and monitor progress of in-house sustainability practices
  • Establishing and complying with an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Plan
  • Conducting an annual Greenhouse Gas inventory and reporting emissions through The Climate Registry
  • Providing employees with a paid day “off” to volunteer in the community.

About Healthy Buildings: Healthy Buildings’ core purpose is to make buildings and the organizations that operate them more valuable. We do this by increasing buildings efficiency and savings through LEED programs and certifications, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) assessments, and energy and water reviews.

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