Healthy Buildings is a WELLv2 Authorized Performance Testing Organization


Building on our tradition of Indoor Environmental Quality and sustainability consulting, we are excited to announce that Healthy Buildings has been approved as a WELLv2 Performance Testing Organization! We now have two approved Performance Testing Agents backed by our growing team of experienced indoor air quality technicians. The newest version of the WELL Building Standard, WELLv2, opens the Performance Testing component of WELL certification to the open market, where project teams can contract directly with a Performance Testing Organization, like Healthy Buildings, to perform on-site testing and submit data to GBCI.

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Healthy Buildings is a perfect match for WELLv2 projects

Healthy Buildings has a long history of indoor air quality testing, featuring an in-house lab for Formaldehyde and VOC analyses, and has continually grown since our inception in 1980 to expand our services to include a variety of Indoor Environmental Quality metrics. In 2008, our expansion included the creation of a Sustainability team and Energy & Resources team. The overlap of sustainability, resource efficiency, and indoor environmental quality analytics provides a perfect transition into WELL Performance Testing. We are excited to provide a full suite of WELL consulting, Feasibility or Gap Analysis Testing, and WELL Performance Testing to our clients and partners with this new designation as a Performance Testing Organization.

The new WELLv2 certification structure allows us to work with your timeline, tenant occupancy, and other building-specific needs with experience and professionalism. We are also providing a client report with sampling results for building or space ownership team’s records in addition to submitting Performance Testing results to GBCI for certification.

With experience in Performance Testing, we can also work with you to perform ongoing testing and recertification testing in order to maintain optimized Indoor Environmental Quality after certification and into recertification (required every 3 years for WELL certification).

Learn more

Reach out to for more information and project-specific pricing, or visit for a list of approved Performance Testing Organizations. We look forward to the evolution of project design, construction, and operations with respect to the human experience in the built environment, and the exciting value propositions that come with it.

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