Healthy Buildings | Certified B-Corporation Since 2011

B Corporation Logo Healthy Buildings Being a Certified B Corporation has increased the level of awareness for our clients as well as our employees. From our technical experts to human resources, we could not have done this without all of the hard work and dedication of the Healthy Buildings Team. Our B Impact Report can be found HERE.

Some of the highlights worth noting are:

  • An extensive employee compensation package including paid volunteer time off
  • Actively working with consumers and suppliers to reduce their environmental impact
  • Increased corporate transparency and responsibility
  • Established and implemented sustainable office practices such as selecting more sustainable office supplies and more fuel efficient vehicles

  “We became a B Corp because it was a sound business decision for us. It communicates to our clients that we are a changed, serious and committed firm in our field. It was a truly business minded decision consistent with the Triple Bottom Line model.”  – Simon Turner

At Healthy Buildings, we strive for continuous sustainability improvements in our own offices year after year. During this round of certification, we set a target reduction goal of five percent of our direct emissions over our 2010 baseline.  In the 2012 reporting year, we have reduced our direct emissions by 23%. According to the B-Lab, Healthy Buildings is performing above average in the categories of Accountability, Employees, and Environment. At the beginning of the certification process, we set a company goal of reaching 100 out of the possible 200 points, and with all the hard effort and time committed by the company as a whole, we reached a total of 109 points!  We are very excited to be a part of this program and everyone is looking forward to next year’s improvements.

There are over 775 certified B-Corporations in 27 different countries. If you would like to find out more information about B-Corp Status, you can visit their website HERE or visit our previous blog post highlighting some key information HERE. Healthy Buildings is also registered with The Climate Registry.


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