Exploring Sustainability Dashboards

Recently, one of our clients asked us to develop a sustainability dashboard as a clearinghouse for all of their energy, waste, water, travel, and GHG metrics. Without a budget beyond our staff time, we resorted to Excel as a starting point to mock up the graphics. With support for our original draft, we are onto the next phase, and considering today’s “best web-based sustainability metrics dashboard tools”, and finding that we’re not the only ones fed up with file sharing 20 pages of Excel worksheets accounting for years of data on multiple buildings and metrics, and keeping track of this complicated and cumbersome data.

A variety of web-based sustainability dashboards have been cropping up on the market, and we can’t wait to get started, but first we have to select the right one for our needs! The software programs coming online track a comprehensive scope of key sustainability performance indicators like energy consumed and renewables generated, water, waste, GHG emissions, and sometimes travel. The software tracks resource consumption, generates charts and graphs to understand and manage resources, provides a reporting and communication tool to support budgetary decisions by executives, conveys progress toward goals to internal or external stakeholders, and generates reports. Each dashboard program has a slightly different focus. Below are the best products we’ve found so far, each designed with a specific user and function in mind. The key to finding the right one for you is to be clear about your specific requirements for a dashboard.

Ecodesk: http://www.ecodesk.com/features/









Lucid: http://www.luciddesigngroup.com/network/features.php


Hara: http://hara.com/software-overview


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