Employee Milestone – 30-Year Anniversary

According to a new study by the networking site LinkedIn, American employees average four job changes by the time they’re 32. That’s twice the rate of the previous generation the Gen Xers, who averaged about two job changes in their first ten years after college. Needless to say this can be a very expensive proposition for employers when one factors in the time and costs for recruiting, interviewing, and training. This puts added emphasis on the need for employers to create quality job opportunities that will keep employees motivated and committed to the firm, including challenging and rewarding work, opportunities for advancement, a comfortable work environment, and competitive salaries and benefits.

Healthy Buildings, over its 36-year history, has always prided itself on the creation of a professional and alluring work culture that attracts high quality talent and retains it for the long term. At the moment roughly 23% of Healthy Buildings’ employees have been with the firm 10 or more years and over 7% of the employees have been with the firm 25+ years. But a true milestone was reached earlier this year when our IT Manager Dee Huss was honored for her 30-year anniversary with the firm. Dee was the Company’s third full time employee when she was hired in 1985. She has been instrumental in our growth over the years by adapting software to the company’s processes, managing our IT infrastructure, solving IT problems, and guiding the Company from floppy disks to zip drives to CDs to servers and now to the cloud. And all was done with a calmness and dedication to the firm not often seen in today’s workplace.

Thank you Dee for 30 great years!


Healthy Buildings’ CEO Rich Silberman with Dee Huss at her 30-year anniversary celebration.

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“Working here gives me the flexibility and freedom to create and innovate different ideas, and to better the environment for clients and coworkers.”

Dee Huss
IT Manager

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