County Law Building in Indio receives LEED Platinum certification

LEED NC IEQc3.2 credit

The new County Law Building in Indio is the first building in Riverside County to receive LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification. As part of the certification process, Millie and Severson reached out to Healthy Buildings to perform Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing.

While pursuing LEED certification, and prior to occupancy of the building, the facility had two LEED credit options relating to IAQ. The first option was to perform an IAQ test, and the second option was to do a system flush-out.

The benefits of using the IAQ test method to earn this credit over the flush-out process are:

  • IAQ tests can often be completed in a few days, whereas the flush-out option can take weeks
  • IAQ tests are often more cost-effective
  • IAQ tests offer enhanced liability protection
  • IAQ tests save energy

Millie and Severson opted for the IAQ test option performed by Healthy Buildings, and earned the LEED NC IEQc3.2 credit, which counted towards LEED Platinum certification for the new County Law Building in Indio!

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