Brookfield Properties

Brookfield Properties

Los Angeles, CA

Ernst and Young Plaza

1.25 MSF

Project Summary

Brookfield Properties is a major commercial real estate ownership company that owns, develops, and manages some of the most significant commercial buildings in downtown cities throughout the world. Healthy Buildings operates our proactive indoor air quality monitoring program and an extensive range of on-call indoor environmental services in 25 million square feet of Brookfield Properties buildings in many US cities.

The Ernst and Young Office Tower is a Class “A” 1.25 million square foot, 41 story granite and glass tower built in 1985. The building is located in downtown Los Angeles.

Healthy Buildings’ Role

Healthy Buildings has operated an annual proactive indoor air quality monitoring program in this building since 2004. Inspecting the HVAC equipment, training the engineering team and monitoring the air quality, this program qualifies the building for LEED EB:O+M, IEQ Credit 1.1, IAQ Management Program.

Program Highlights

  • Survey of design and operating practices of air handling systems
  • Reporting of filtration design, integrity of fit, and efficiency
  • Examination of heating, cooling, and humidification systems
  • Visual inspection of internals of supply and return ductwork
  • Sampling for a wide range of indoor air constituents
  • Measurements of temperature and relative humidity levels
  • Installation of AUDITAIRES (airborne contamination sensors) to ductwork
  • Establishment of indoor air quality database
  • Re-inspections of air quality at annual intervals
  • Comparison with composite database of hundreds of major buildings
  • Comprehensive reports with results, methodology, conclusions and recommendations
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