ASHRAE Announces: Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality Must Go Hand in Hand

ASHRAE Announces: Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality Must Go Hand in Hand

In a recent press release from ASHRAE, the link between energy efficiency and indoor air quality was highlighted as the centerpiece and main tone of the upcoming ASHRAE IAQ 2013 conference in October 2013:

Finding the balance between environmental health and energy efficiency in the pursuit of low energy buildings is examined in a paper at the upcoming ASHRAE IAQ 2013, setting the tone for discussion for the entire

“Neglecting indoor air quality while pursuing other goals can result in building environments that negatively impact the health, comfort and productivity of occupants and therefore defeat the overall goal of building design, including reduced costs,” Kevin Teichman, a senior science adviser at the U.S. Environment Protection Agency, said. “While building design is key to achieving a high-performing building, it is critically important to follow these good intentions through construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance. Only in this way will high-performing buildings actually perform as designed.”

Healthy Buildings agrees wholeheartedly with this approach.Ā  We work with our clients to tightly integrate IAQ and energy, resulting in a building which not only has lower operating costs, but more productive users, resulting in a win-win for all the building stake holders.


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