2013 Green Apple Day of Service

2013 Green Apple Day of Service

As a company, it is our purpose to make buildings more valuable. Although we spend thousands of hours in corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and many other commercial spaces, creating a healthy and efficient learning environment for future generations is something that we are very passionate about. After books, supplies and other expenses, local public schools often don’t have funds to spend on upgraded mechanical systems, air quality assessments, or water efficiency upgrades. In light of this, we are very excited to take advantage of this year’s Green Apple Day of Service.

The official Green Apple Day of Service is this Saturday, September 28th.  Registration is open so be sure to check out some of the project ideas and last year’s highlights. If you are a participant, please remember to register your project today. Several of our employees have volunteered to lead projects in Orange County and San Diego, CA.  Jeff’s project is taking place this Saturday while Brandon and Alicia are leading projects that will take place throughout the month of October.  Please contact us if you would like to take part in transforming a classroom or school this year!

Globe Apple

The U.S. Green Building Council is the organization fueling the efforts in developing the Green Apple movement. Their goal is to ensure that every student has an opportunity to attend a green school within this generation. Please join us all in an effort to raise awareness around this event and make this year one to remember! Find more information about the Center for Green Schools. Below is a list of projects happening on the West coast this year:

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