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Water Audits

In an increasing number of jurisdictions, new mandates are requiring building owners to cut water usage. Impending scarcity and the rising cost of water in the United States is catching the attention of the commercial real estate community. The rise in water and sewer rates has far exceeded the rise in cost of other utilities over the last 25 years in the United States. In the West, the severe drought is driving the meteoric rise in prices. The aging infrastructure and environmental problems in the East result from surface runoff and combined sewer overflow in the older cities.

With water conservation now an imperative, a water audit is an ideal means of proving to your stakeholders that your building is not wasting water. Our clients say that being able to demonstrate to lawmakers, tenants, and the general public that your building is up to code on drought mandates is just as important as achieving a payback on water reduction. smplwtrblnc

A typical water audit includes:

  • A site visit to the property.
  • A complete Water Balance for all of the water use for the property.
  • The identification and analysis of all water-using ‘domestic’ bathroom fixtures and potential efficiency measures.
  • The identification and analysis of all water-using ‘non-domestic’ equipment such as (but not limited to) irrigation, cooling towers, kitchen equipment, evaporation credit, pools, ice machines, condensate recovery.
  • The identification and review of historical water use and investigation into any anomalies based on benchmarks of similar buildings.
  • Sample consumption measurements of domestic and other water using fixtures.
  • The development of preliminary costs and savings for a turnkey installation of the identified water efficiency measures.
  • The Identification of any rebates and incentives for implementing the identified measures, as well as any anticipated rate increases.
  • An investigation into sub-metering and sewer credits for Cooling towers, Irrigation and any other water that is not sent into the sanitary system.
  • A comprehensive Report will be submitted to include detailed documentation on the above features and recommendations.

Contact us today to schedule a water audit to reduce your buildings risk and relieve pressure on owners to show they have addressed the drought.