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Healthy Buildings develops client-specific corporate sustainability programs by identifying and marketing best practices, identifying improvement opportunities, analyzing costs and benefits, providing technical services to achieve operational efficiencies, and reporting accomplishments.

Whether the goal is to earn a certification, report to shareholders, or simply implement an internal sustainability program, contact us to speak to a sustainability expert and strategize how to achieve your goals.


Healthy Buildings provides comprehensive support to our clients in their pursuit of LEED certification, working as an extension of our clients’ internal teams from project inception through certification.  With a proven track record of success that includes the management of LEED projects since 2008, the Sustainability Team employs an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach that is focused on cost-effectiveness, reliability, and the triple bottom line.

LEED à la carte Approach – Earn Individual LEED Credits

Healthy Buildings frequently provides engineering or indoor environmental technical expertise to industry partners in order to earn individual LEED credits for their projects. In this collaborative approach, Healthy Buildings is able to draw upon our years of providing high performance building solutions. Typically this involves supporting project teams with the most technical aspects of the LEED rating systems but could also include the development of policies or procedures. Read more…

LEED Commissioning, Energy Audits, & Energy Modeling

Healthy Buildings routinely provides the technical services listed below to building owners and developers, please click on the link to learn about our methodology.

LEED NC/CI IEQc3.2 – Construction IAQ Management Plan, Before Occupancy (IAQ Testing)

Healthy Buildings originally co-wrote the indoor air quality testing method published by the USGBC for IEQc3.2. The advantages of using the IAQ test method to earn this credit over the flush-out procedure include minimal impact to the construction schedule, lower cost, and enhanced liability protection. Through coordination and using instantaneous sampling equipment, we ensure favorable conditions exist before IAQ sampling. Depending on the number of required sampling locations, the testing methodology can often be completed in a day or two, as opposed to the flush-out method which can take weeks and delay occupancy.

Healthy Buildings has successfully earned this credit in over 500 LEED projects.

LEED O+M: IEQp1 – Minimum IAQ Performance (Ventilation Testing)

Healthy Buildings utilizes the ASHRAE ventilation calculator to determine the minimum required Outside Air per ASHRAE 62.1 – 2007, for each air handing unit providing ventilation in a building. Following identification of critical ventilation zones and completion of the ASHRAE calculators, our IEQ Project Manager will measure the outside air at each air handling unit to ensure compliance. Our Team ensures proper operation of building exhaust systems, including: restroom, kitchen (if applicable) and parking.

Healthy Buildings has successfully met this highly technical LEED prerequisite in over 10 million square feet of certified space. Allow our experience to guide you through this most heavily scrutinized technical service within the LEED O+M rating system!

LEED NC IEQp2 – Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Control

Multifamily residences and hotels may feel compelled to allow smoking in some or all units, and some projects, like airports, have designated smoking rooms. In these cases, stringent measures will be needed to stop movement of smoke from smoking to nonsmoking areas. These measures include air barriers between units, negative air pressure in smoking areas, and separate exhaust systems. Blower door testing is required within residential units or hotel rooms. Healthy Buildings has become the leader in the testing and documentation for this LEED requirement. Our experience in identifying problematic areas for air leakage and providing pre-testing discovery inspections for each project have been the key to our clients’ success.

Healthy Buildings provides cost effective LEED consulting and project management to building owners, developers, architects, property managers, and general contractors in their pursuit of LEED certification. We have a proven track record of success that includes the management of LEED projects since 2008, and are recognized as a LEED Proven Provider.

Our Support Services Include:

  • Facilitating integrated design meetings
  • Establishing project specific sustainability goals
  • Developing sustainable implementation strategies
  • Training of all involved project or tenant personnel
  • Developing and implementing performance tracking tools
  • Preparing LEED-required documentation
  • Submitting project for certification review

Read more…

WELL Building Certification

The WELL Building Standard™ is the first standard to integrate human health and wellness into the design, construction, maintenance and operations of buildings.

Do you need WELL project management support? If so, Healthy Buildings can help your team manage the WELL certification process. Our highly trained, WELL-accredited professionals will manage the entire WELL process from project management to engineering support. Read more…


BREEAM In-Use is a benchmarking and certification method available to all existing commercial buildings, regardless of size, age or performance level. BREEAM is the original green building rating system, developed by BRE (Building Research Establishment) in 1990. Today, it is the most widely used program with over
2,200,000 registered projects and over 550,000 certified assets.

Certification of existing buildings with BREEAM In-Use provides investors and property owners with increased ROI and greater market value for their properties. Why choose BREEAM over other green building rating systems? BREEAM is based on BRE funded cutting-edge research which makes BREEAM the most robust
green building rating system in the marketplace.

Other Sustainability Services

Fitwel is a new building certification to support healthier workplace environments and improve occupant health and productivity. Healthy Buildings provides comprehensive support to building owners, developers, architects, property managers, and general contractors in their pursuit of fitwel certification. Read more…

Corporate Sustainability

Healthy Buildings assists clients in documenting sustainable practices currently implemented while simultaneously identifying opportunities to enhance resource efficiency, increase employee productivity, ensure corporate responsibility, and increase value generation. Our annual Corporate Sustainability Reports are used to track progress towards environmental goals and market sustainable efforts to potential clients.

Our team brings experience in a breadth of sustainability protocols and will work with your team to determine the best route for your company. Some of the many programs that we have worked with include:

– BOMA 360
– Climate Registry
– Carbon Disclosure Project
– Compliance with Executive Order 13514 (Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance)
– B Corporation

Our sustainability audits include on-site inspections combined with interviews and employee/tenant surveys. Business-minded solutions and measures are identified in the following key performance areas:

– Energy Efficiency
– Procurement
– Water Efficiency
– Waste Diversion and Recycling
– Indoor Environmental Quality

Healthy Buildings provides a breadth of implementation strategies including:

– Developing corporate sustainability plans
– Reporting on corporate sustainability practices
– Conducting energy audits and Retro-commissioning
– Studying renewable and alternative onsite generation opportunities
– Providing proactive indoor environmental quality monitoring
– Inventorying Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions
– Managing LEED certifications
– Generating Energy Star ratings


Healthy Buildings assists clients in documenting existing sustainable practices. Our annual corporate sustainability reports are used to track progress towards environmental goals or requirements and market sustainable achievements. Through this process we also identify opportunities to enhance resource efficiency, increase employee productivity, ensure corporate responsibility, and increase value generation.

Healthy Buildings’ corporate sustainability reporting focuses on metrics and key performance indicators. We work with various carbon footprint and greenhouse gas inventories and tailor the approach to industry specifics. Our reports capture energy, waste, and water, as well as organizationally-based metrics like volunteer time or philanthropic programs. We set a consumption baseline and analyze year-over-year changes to tell a story. Reports include a wide range of graphics and images and are supported by text which shares the progression of events including top-down and bottom-up initiatives that result in environmental footprint reduction and savings, as well as commitments to future projects.

Reports include but are not limited to the following:

  • Goal setting – identification of target carbon reductions
  • Year-over-year metrics
  • Graphics, charts, tables, and other illustrations


In addition to energy benchmarking, Healthy Buildings offers a variety of benchmarking services to generate a baseline of building water and waste consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Benchmarking energy and resource use is vital to understanding a building’s current status in order to determine the opportunities for optimal savings. It also serves as a guide to understanding consumption patterns and trends for ongoing identification of changes and improvements.

Waste and Water

Healthy Buildings works with building owners and their vendors to obtain water consumption and waste/recycling data to track the building’s resource consumption. We help owners understand their resource use in terms of total consumption, consumption per square foot and per building occupant, and to track patterns over time and identify reduction opportunities.

BOMA 360

Healthy Buildings helps building owners and managers stand out as industry leaders by achieving the BOMA 360 Performance Program designation. The program allows for real estate professionals to demonstrate to owners, tenants and prospective tenants that their buildings are managed to the highest standards of excellence.

Phase 1: Feasibility Assessment

Healthy Buildings gathers building information through a feasibility survey to determine the viability of building certification. This information is compiled into an assessment report containing a preliminary scorecard, probability for credit achievement, and certification cost estimates.

Phase 2: Documentation Preparation

Healthy Buildings assists the building’s BOMA 360 team with acquiring the correct documentation and verifying that all requirements are met. Healthy Buildings streamlines the process by assisting facilities with generating the necessary policies and plans required to implement best management practices and acquire certification, as well as by providing technical services such as energy auditing, retro-commissioning, and indoor air quality services that may be necessary for designation.

Phase 3: Achievement

Healthy Buildings manages the entire BOMA 360 process by preparing and uploading all required documentation through the BOMA 360 website.

Climate Solutions

Healthy Buildings quantifies Greenhouse Gas emissions either for a specific facility or using a company-wide approach. Once a baseline is established, operational recommendations are made to lower emissions over time.

Waste Audits

A waste audit by Healthy Buildings will allow facility managers to understand waste production patterns in managed buildings and evaluate waste management and recycling policies and programs.

Training for Green Buildings & Sustainability

Healthy Buildings develops custom training programs for clients, and offers training in the following areas:

  • What is Sustainability?
  • Green Buildings & LEED Certification
  • LEED-NC, CI & EB
  • Building Commissioning
  • Energy & Resource Management
  • Utilizing Onsite Renewable Energy
  • Green Building Project Financing
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventorying
  • The BOMA 360 Program – Energy & Sustainability Issues

Healthy Buildings assists hotels to document existing sustainability practices and identify opportunities to enhance resource efficiency, improve guests’ experience, increase employee productivity, ensure corporate responsibility, and increase value generation. To gain recognition for green practices at hotels, Healthy Buildings works to achieve sustainability certifications such as LEED, Green Key, and the Energy Star label. Read more…

GreenPoint Rated

Healthy Buildings provides project management services for both GreenPoint Rated programs for new and existing multifamily, single home, and mixed-use developments.

It was great working with your employee this year. She did a great job working in our building she was very professional with our tenants in regards to respecting their space and gets along well with our crew members. I hope she is willing to return next year.
Chief Engineer, Major commercial building in Sacramento
Thank you Bruce, you guys never cease to amaze me how well you do things. I wish other companies worked like you do…
Assistant Property Manager, Major Program Management Contractor, Washington, DC
Just wanted to let you know that your office just helped us out with a last minute need…and we wanted to express our sincere gratitude. Your staff dropped what they were doing and came here to perform a Legionella test of our cooling tower before our work started this weekend. We are so fortunate to have such a great partnership with Healthy Buildings, who is responsive to our needs!
Manager, Facilities Operations, Northern Virginia

I am completely amazed at how professional and complete our report is. I appreciate doing business with your company and look forward to using your services again on a yearly basis. Please keep me informed when it is coming close to the inspection period, thanks…

Operator , Major Casino/Hotel in Las Vegas, NV

Just wanted to express my sincere thanks for your time and assistance in attending the meeting. We met with a certified Industrial Hygienist and the Director of Environmental, Health and Safety. At the meeting, your staff distributed copies of the actual sampling data findings and explained each test and the results. The director asked a few questions and at the end of the meeting he seemed satisfied with the results and expressed his gratitude and stated that he felt that HBI had done a thorough job.

Property Manager, Commercial Real Estate, Virginia

It was great working with your employee this year. She did a great job working in our building she was very professional with our tenants in regards to respecting their space and gets along well with our crew members. I hope she is willing to return next year.

Chief Engineer, Major Commercial Building in Sacramento

Thank you for the expedient response to our request and the professional nature in which Healthy Buildings have responded to our concerns regards IAQ in the clinic, much appreciated.

Senior Occupational Health Specialist, Washington, DC

Healthy Buildings has the team and experience to develop effective and efficient hotel sustainability programs. Their commitment to business-oriented sustainability decisions makes them a player you most definitely want to have on your team. They will work with you to meet your bottom line goals while greening your operations and maintenance practices; ultimately reducing your operating costs, generating marketing opportunities, and strengthening your business model by integrating sustainability into all aspects of your hotel.

Sustainability Manager, Major Hotel in New York City