Ft. Polk WT Barracks

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Project Description

US Army Corps of Engineers
Ft. Polk, LA
Sundt Construction Inc.

LEED NC v2.2 Gold Level

Project Summary
The Fort Polk Warrior in Transition Barrack project, with a budget of $17,000,000, provides accessible and uniquely comfortable lodging for soldiers while they are recuperating from injuries sustained during their service to the United States. In addition to providing lodging, the barracks will provide training for recovering soldiers and social interaction, in a specially designed, two-story multipurpose room.

Good indoor air quality, critical to improving the quality of life for occupants, is key; strategies implemented include construction indoor air quality plans during and after construction and the use of low VOC materials.

Healthy Buildings’ Role
During the construction program the project General Contractor, Sundt Construction, selected Healthy Buildings as the Commissioning (Cx) Authority to provide both Fundamental and Enhanced Cx, meeting the requirements of Energy & Atmosphere (EA) Prerequisite 1 and EA Credit 3. In addition, Healthy Buildings provided air quality testing for Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Credit 3.2.

Program Highlights

  • Healthy Buildings commissioned the MEP systems within the facility, providing the QA efforts necessary to ensure the systems were installed and functioning as designed.
  • Healthy Buildings trained the Building Operators to operate the building effectively.
  • Greater occupant comfort enhances the recuperation of US Veterans.
  • Reduced energy consumption and lower operational costs
  • Healthy Buildings provided compliance and documentation services in pursuit of LEED IEQ Credit 3.2 – Construction IAQ Management Plan, Before Occupancy
  • Indoor air quality was ensured both during construction and prior to occupancy through the implementation of Healthy Buildings’ air quality management plan and air testing.
  • Sampled a wide range of indoor air constituents including; particulates, total VOCs, carbon monoxide and more.
  • The minimization of indoor air quality (IAQ) problems resulting from the construction process helps sustain the comfort and well-being of construction workers and building occupants.

Project Details