Healthy Buildings Recognized as a Fairfax County Green Business Partner

Fairfax, VA, May 2nd, 2016:

The Fairfax County Green Business Partners Program recognizes local businesses that are leaders in environmental stewardship. These businesses are integrating sustainability principles like energy conservation, waste reduction, and smart water use into their day-to-day operations. Visit the Fairfax County Green Business Directory to see Healthy Buildings profile.

Joining the list of 17 launch partners, including companies such as Hilton Worldwide, Boston Properties, Brookfield Properties, and Carr Properties, Healthy Buildings headquartered in Fairfax, VA, became one of the first businesses in the county to be recognized as Fairfax County Green Business Partner.

Healthy Buildings’ professional services are aimed at assisting commercial offices to increase their sustainability practices. The company’s core service offerings are in indoor air qualitywater and energy efficiency, sustainability certifications (i.e. LEED), and waste audits. Healthy Buildings practices what they preach in their own office. The following sustainability practices were recognized by FCGBP:

Green Purchasing – Healthy Buildings commits to purchasing products that meet one or more of the following criteria: recycled, renewable, locally extracted, and least toxic. For its new office, Healthy Buildings is procuring the following: · low or no VOC paints · Greenguard certified furniture with high amounts of recycled content and regional materials · Green, biodegradable cleaning products

Energy Tracking –  Healthy Buildings achieved Climate Registered™ status for the fifth year in 2015 by successfully measuring its carbon footprint according to The Climate Registry, having it third-party verified, and reporting the data on The Registry’s website. Using The Registry allows Healthy Buildings to identify inefficiencies and potential cost saving opportunities and provide meaningful data to customers and shareholders. In 2014, Healthy Buildings reported 247 tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent Scope One (stationary) emissions.

Waste – The Fairfax office’s recycling program includes paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, and coffee grounds that are composted at an employee’s home.

Water Conservation – Healthy Buildings worked with the landlord at its old office to install dual flush toilets and low flow faucet aerators. The new office will include many of these types of efficient plumbing features, enabling it to be 30% more efficient than the LEED baseline.

About Healthy Buildings: Healthy Buildings’ core purpose is to make buildings and the organizations that operate them more valuable. We do this by increasing buildings efficiency and savings through LEED programs and certifications, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) assessments, and energy and water reviews.

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