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Commissioning (Cx)

Whether simple, complex or somewhere in between, all buildings can benefit from a systematic Commissioning (Cx) process. Beginning in the design phase and continuing post-occupancy, Cx is a methodical step-by-step process to ensure new buildings are designed, built and operated to achieve increasingly stringent performance targets and Owner’s Project Requirements.

We bring immediate value through Cx by improving the construction process.  Healthy Buildings focuses on reducing cost and increasing efficiency through verification of system operability, performance, and reliability.  Many design and construction teams view commissioning as a chore and appreciate our years of hand-on experience. This unique combination of design and real world operations gives us an edge to identify and resolve potential issues during the design phase, while the project is still on paper rather than after construction, when it becomes more difficult and more costly to correct deficiencies. Healthy Buildings prides itself on offering independent opinion that focuses on solutions to real world problems to keep the project on schedule.  Healthy Buildings’ commissioning team will verify proper installation, operation, and performance based on the project basis of design (BOD) and the owner’s project requirements (OPR), creating a seamless handoff after construction is completed.

In addition to developing and verifying proper completion of the Functional Performance Tests, our engineers will deliver a systems manual and facilitate training of the building operators.  A Cx Report will document the resolution of issues identified during the detailed engineering process.

The key to any successful Cx effort is teamwork. Healthy Buildings works purposely to develop and maintain a collaborative approach bridging the owner, design and construction teams, equipment manufacturers, vendors, and relevant third parties together getting everyone involved. In the role of commissioning agent (CA), we see ourselves as part of the team and a technical resource with our role to facilitate the delivery of the best possible building systems operations.  Our goal is to enhance the facility’s quality, control, performance, and efficiency, creating a more sustainable and occupant friendly building.