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Bathroom Fixture Retro-Commissioning

Summary – Fixture Retro-Commissioning (RCx)

Carr Properties is known for consistently surpassing expectations and achieving outstanding results. In the summer of 2012, as part of its commitment to sustainability and resource conservation, Carr Properties commissioned a Bathroom Fixture Retro-Commissioning from Healthy Buildings at 1255 23rd Street, NW Washington, DC 20037. As a result, Carr Properties saved over 882,000 gallons of water, resulting in an annual savings of $9,438 in year 1 alone.

Case Study – Carr Properties

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As a preeminent owner, operator and developer of office properties in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Carr Properties was determined to implement long term sustainability and resource conservation measures at their 1255 23rd St NW building. In addition, the property was planning to secure LEED certification and thus needed to satisfy the LEED credits WEp1 and WEc1 for water efficiency.


With water rates in Washington, D.C. rising at an annual rate several times inflation, Carr Properties desired options for reducing water use within its portfolio, however they realized that expensive and messy bathroom fixture retrofits would not be feasible. Carr’s longtime environmental consultant in the area of proactive indoor air quality monitoring, Healthy Buildings, provided a solution that fit the bill with its proprietary Bathroom Fixture Retro-Commissioning Program.


Healthy Buildings “tuned” each existing individual bathroom fixture serving the building such that it operated at peak efficiency with respect to water usage given the unique characteristics of the fixture and its operating conditions. These fixture characteristics and operating conditions included static pressure into the building, building riser conditions, pressure reducing valve locations, base plumbing system line pitch, static pressure at the fixture, porcelain design, and siphon characteristics. Using this information, key parts of each fixture’s flushometer (such as diaphragms, assembly valves, flow rings, bypass holes, etc.) were retrofitted such that the minimum amount of water required was passed with each flush while not compromising operational performance. As such the optimal water flow curve was achieved, eliminating all unnecessary water consumption without fixture replacement.


Healthy Buildings Bathroom Fixture Retro-Commissioning Program at 1255 23rd Street, NW Washington, DC 20037 not only satisfied LEED credits WEp1 and WEc1 for water efficiency towards Gold certification, but also saved Carr Properties over 882,000 gallons of water and nearly $9,500 in the first year alone. Due to this success, Carr Properties went on to implement the program in other properties in their portfolio. Let Healthy Buildings show you how we can save water in your properties.

It was great working with your employee this year. She did a great job working in our building she was very professional with our tenants in regards to respecting their space and gets along well with our crew members. I hope she is willing to return next year.

Chief Engineer, Major commercial building in Sacramento

Thank you Bruce, you guys never cease to amaze me how well you do things. I wish other companies worked like you do…

Assistant Property Manager, Major Program Management Contractor, Washington, DC
Just wanted to let you know that your office just helped us out with a last minute need…and we wanted to express our sincere gratitude. Your staff dropped what they were doing and came here to perform a Legionella test of our cooling tower before our work started this weekend. We are so fortunate to have such a great partnership with Healthy Buildings, who is responsive to our needs!
Manager, Facilities Operations, Northern Virginia

I am completely amazed at how professional and complete our report is. I appreciate doing business with your company and look forward to using your services again on a yearly basis. Please keep me informed when it is coming close to the inspection period, thanks…

Operator, Major Casino/Hotel in Las Vegas, NV

Just wanted to express my sincere thanks for your time and assistance in attending the meeting. We met with a certified Industrial Hygienist and the Director of Environmental, Health and Safety. At the meeting, your staff distributed copies of the actual sampling data findings and explained each test and the results. The director asked a few questions and at the end of the meeting he seemed satisfied with the results and expressed his gratitude and stated that he felt that HBI had done a thorough job.

Property Manager, Commercial Real Estate, Virginia

It was great working with your employee this year. She did a great job working in our building she was very professional with our tenants in regards to respecting their space and gets along well with our crew members. I hope she is willing to return next year.

Chief Engineer, Major Commercial Building in Sacramento

Thank you for the expedient response to our request and the professional nature in which Healthy Buildings have responded to our concerns regards IAQ in the clinic, much appreciated.

Senior Occupational Health Specialist, Washington, DC

Healthy Buildings has the team and experience to develop effective and efficient hotel sustainability programs. Their commitment to business-oriented sustainability decisions makes them a player you most definitely want to have on your team. They will work with you to meet your bottom line goals while greening your operations and maintenance practices; ultimately reducing your operating costs, generating marketing opportunities, and strengthening your business model by integrating sustainability into all aspects of your hotel.

Sustainability Manager, Major Hotel in New York City

I had the opportunity to utilize Healthy Buildings as my LEED Consultant on the Porterville Developmental Center New Main Kitchen Project in Porterville, CA. The project has attempted LEED (v2.2) Gold status.  I cannot say enough about the Healthy Buildings team and their professional work ethic, deep knowledge of LEED and sustainability and their willingness to go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.

Project Engineer, Seals/Biehle, Inc.